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Thank you Ayla!

I came into Ayla on a Thursday with neck spasms so bad that I could barely walk. This was particularly problematic because that Sunday was my bridal shower. When I woke up the next morning after seeing Ayla, I felt so much better. When Sunday came around I was completely pain-free and able to fully enjoy my bridal shower. Thanks Ayla!

Pros: Clean, pretty space, relaxing

Cons: none

Ayla is amazing!

I have been dealing with a shoulder issue for quite some time, and turned to acupuncture for relief from the general pain and discomfort I have been experiencing. Although I have only been seeing Ayla for a couple of weeks, I feel SIGNIFICANTLY better, and I’ve been kicking myself for not having come to see her sooner. Ayla knows exactly where to place those magic needles, and does so in a thoughtful, direct, professional manner. At the beginning of every session she always listens carefully to my descriptions of what I?m physically going through, and then addresses them accordingly. I had never been a big believer in “alternative” therapies, but I am now!

I have been nothing but pleased with Ayla and the results of my visits to her. Frankly, the only reservation I had about writing this recommendation is that it may help lead to more people seeking out her services. My selfish fear is that so many people will want to take advantage of her fantastic skills that it will be difficult to get an appointment. But I decided that I’ll take my chances. She deserves it, and maybe some good karma for sharing my experience with Ayla will be coming my way.

If you’re looking for an unbelievably great acupuncturist, Ayla Yavin should be your choice.

Pros: Real results

Excellent Care

I came to Ayla suffering from extreme pain due to endometriosis. Ayla was able to significantly reduce my pain and regulate my period within one month, and give me hope for the future. I was told by doctors that there was no treatment for my condition apart from dangerous hormonal treatment or the removal of my uterus. I was also told that if I did not opt for one of these treatments I would be in severe pain for the rest of my life. I quickly discovered with Ayla that this was not necessarily going to be the case. Her warm-hearted nature and professional manner quickly put me at ease and relief from pain and the stress that accompanied it soon followed. I would recommend Ayla?s care to anyone?especially to those who have been convinced that pain is something that they will be forced to live with, or who are uncomfortable with the options that have been offered to them.

Pros: better quality of life

Very Skilled

Ayla is by far and away the best acupuncturist I’ve seen, and is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.As a martial artist, I have pulled both of my hamstrings before, and usually it takes about 6 months for them to heal enough to be used. Ayla worked on my hamstring after I’d pulled it (again) and got me better than I was before in about 2 months time.

Every time I leave her practice I feel better, and I feel refreshed.


Ayla was my first venture into acupuncture. I threw my back out, was heading to vacation in a week and could NOT move. A friend suggested trying acupuncture. Ayla was calm, efficient and new what she was doing, ONE needle in my hand alleviated 50% of my pain. I had three appointments with Ayla within the week and my back pain, I kid you not, was 85% gone. Looking forward to at least a few more sessions to get it all in shape and will go to her the minute my neck pops out of place (which happens every so often). I highly recommend Ayla!! samantha

Pros: everything

Cons: not sure if there are any

A Dancer’s Best Friend

As a Broadway dancer, it is absolutely necessary to keep my body healthy for an eight-show week. After a minor knee surgery, I had heard that acupuncture could provide great physical therapy for me. Little did I realize just how many other benefits I would get out of it!

Not only has it been essential in healing my injuries, but I have managed to tackle digestive, reproductive, and sleep issues as well. Ayla is FANTASTIC at assessing how my body is doing from week to week, always creating an open dialogue for how I’m feeling. Sometimes she treats pain in specific areas, while other times she can treat my system as a whole. If I’m experiencing shoulder pain and the treatment targets that area, I leave feeling relieved…if I’m feeling lethargic, I leave the treatment feeling refreshed and energized…a year after my knee surgery and I no longer experience discomfort. She has also developed several herbal formulas for me, specifically designed to help with anxiety or digestive problems. They come in the form of great-tasting teas, AND they work!

Whether you are an athlete who fights physical pain regularly or a healthy person with an occasional ache or pain, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend acupuncture. There really are no limits as to what kind of ailment can be treated. And it helps to work with an acupuncturist like Ayla who will create a warm, comforting environment for anyone and who truly cares about helping her patients.

Who Says I Need Surgery!

Seemingly out of the blue I developed a pain behind my left knee. It felt swollen and I could no longer sit or stand for long periods. I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with a Baker’s Cyst and recommended surgery!!. Not only was I terrified of going under the knife but with summer coming soon I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym! I knew there had to be a different way. I did some research online and decided to try acupuncture. I visited Ayla who was very encouraging and said she expected immediate results. I was VERY skeptical but figured I had nothing to lose. Amazingly she was right! After one treatment I felt complete relief for almost an entire week and was able to be at the gym that night!. After just two treatments my cyst was almost gone. I am back to my active lifestyle and certain that surgery is not in my future!. I would recommend Ayla Acupuncture & Herbs to anyone! THANK YOU!!

A Guide Through My Last Weeks of Pregnancy

Ayla was there for us throughout the last seven weeks of my pregnancy. She helped me survive bedrest, treated my pregnancy induced hypertension, helped us navigate a hospital stay, and finally supported us during the natural childbirth we had been hoping for.

Once I was diagnosed with PIH, my midwives wanted to induce me. I wanted to avoid medical intervention, so I began acupuncture treatments with Ayla and we were able to keep the PIH under control. At 39 weeks, on the advice of an obstetrician, I checked into the hospital and the midwives attempted to induce me with Pitocin.

Ayla was an excellent doula, doing everything she could to keep us comfortable, and when the pitocin didn?t work, Ayla gave us the emotional support we needed to make the decision to go home and wait. I ended up going into labor on my own at 41 weeks, and my midwife, husband and Ayla helped my daughter come into the world completely naturally. Coralie could not have had a more intimate, loving, and joyful birth! Thank you Ayla!

Best Acupuncture in NYC

I spent years suffering from horrendous head aches throwing money at nutritionists, healers, osteopaths and a million types of yoga classes trying to alleviate the pain; Ayla has cured me (no joke) through herbs, cupping and needing. She is hip, young, cool, hot, smart and gets it all; i am lucky to work with her and recommend her 500%. A true healer in the truest sense! She offers advice on managing stress in the city within reason and her practice is rigorous, gentle and straightforward. Because of Ayla, I now live pain-free.

Life Saver!!

Pregnant with my third child and battling severe morning sickness throughout the day, I went to visit Ayla. As I walked out of her office, I immediately began to feel like a healthy person once again. That first night I found the energy to clean up my office and the desire to have a proper dinner and realized how powerful her treatment was. It had been 2 1/2 months since I felt so good. My treatments from Ayla along with the amazing dietary suggestions she provided helped me tremendously. I feel like myself again! I am healed!

Finally, relief!

For the past 15 years, I have struggled with hip pain due to osteoarthritis and tendinitis. I have tried massage, physical therapy, Vioxx, and was told by my doctor that hip replacement surgery was inevitable. I am 33 and the idea of needing new hips sometime before 40 seemed extreme. Several people had suggested acupuncture and Chinese herbs over the years and, while I have responded well to acupuncture for muscle pain, I was doubtful that it would work for my arthritis.

My experience with Ayla, however, has felt almost miraculous. The herbal formula that she designed and prescribed for me has made a huge difference in my pain level. I have taken up activities that I had to give up because of pain and I feel more vital in my day to day life. Since moving to CA I have continued with the herbal formula Ayla recommended and continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Amazing Results – no more back pain!!!!

A few months ago I had a very bad fall down a flight of stairs and it resulted in major back pain. I went to the doctor and he gave me pain medication. Weeks later I was still experiencing pain and went back to the dr. and he told me I needed physical therapy. So, I went to a Physical Therapist and I was still in pain. I found Ayla Acupuncture online and booked an appointment – I was very skeptical acupuncture but was willing to try anything to help.

I went on the appointment and when I got up I felt like a new person. Literally NO pain! It was amazing.I have already scheduled another appointment to work on some other issues I have with my body. Thank you, Ayla!


I had just turned 54 and had symptoms associated with pre-menopause: swollen, painful Where traditional medicine couldn’t help me, acupuncture did. breasts and extremely heavy bleeding during erratic menstrual periods.

With my high estrogen levels, my gynecologist had no solutions, as hormones were no longer being prescribed by him for my condition. I asked him about acupuncture. He was skeptical and so was I. Well, I had nothing to lose so I went to see Ayla.

After a short interview during which I described my symptoms and mood, she then gave me a deeply relaxing acupuncture treatment. I left the office, armed with herbs in capsule form, feeling totally refreshed.

I visited Ayla four more times that month. The swelling & pain subsided. It’s been over a year and I’ve been fine ever since. Thanks, Ayla!


Acupuncture Facelift

I loved this experience and bought 10 more sessions. Ayla is amazing.

Follow Up Acupuncture

Ayla is very good and very compassionate. The physical space is beautiful. Highly recommended.

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Warm and Encouraging

I first met Ayla after two first trimester miscarriage – a fact that was quite sad a frustrating to me. As a dancer, I was always able to rely on my body to do what I needed it to do. With pregnancies, I felt it was failing me. Working with Ayla helped me to feel secure and confident that my body knows what to do. She strengthened my blood through acupuncture. To be honest, I am still not sure what that means but the fact that I am now approaching my third trimester must mean she did something right. On top of her skill, Ayla is kind, gentle and caring from her core. She is natural healer and a beautiful human being.

Ayla Lavin

Ayla’s facial treatment leaves me so calm and relaxed. I leave glowing and peaceful. At the end of the session when she wraps me with the magic body blanket and when the lights are dimmed, i sleep like i used to sleep when i was a kid.

She has treated my shoulder tightness- with her cupping technique and always knew how to fine tune me…. I know when my body says – it’s Ayla time

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Ayla Acupuncture & Herbs

u must meet ayla!

i hate needles, i am a massage junkie! i own bikramyogales.com and work my body every day, i used to get massages until an injury brought me to ayla. I have had acupuncture before, but not with such relief, it was intense, but my relief matched the intensity that ayla was able to give me. I have been seeing ayla now going on my 2nd year, she helped make it affordable through my health insurance and ayla simply has made my body work better. I have more circulation and my muscles have more room to breathe in my body. i would recommend ayla for anything! tricia d

Dedicated to her WORK

WOW!!!! Ayla ROCKS!!! I have been visiting her practice for almost 6 months now and I can honestly say she’s one of the main reasons my body is in balance. Every time I go into her office she caters to my exact needs whether it be with accu, herbs, etc. I know when I come in Im in the hands of a dedicated, focused and artistic professional ready to do what she can to have you leave there pain free and revived. Thanks Ayla.

Wonderful experience…

Cliff F.

Muscle Pain

I’ve been visiting Ayla for over a year for scars as well muscular pain. My scars have gotten lighter as well as smoother. She has been working on the knots that I have in my neck and shoulders. After each session I am much more relaxed and feel a lot better. Ayla truly caters to whatever problems I want to work on.



Over the years I have gone for acupuncture off and on and have visited around 8 or 10 therapists. I tend to put quite a bit of research into who I see. My experience with Ayla has by far been the best. I say that not just because i think she is extremely skilled medically but also that she really listens and cares. I always look forward to my next session.

Acupuncture Plus!

I’ve been a client of yours now for over a year, and you’ve really changed my life for the better! I first came to you because of severe arthritis pain in my neck, for which i had already undergone physical therapy, and was taking Ibuprofen several times a day, and now both the pain and the pills are out of my life. You’ve also improved my diet (and digestion) and taught me some helpful Pilates exercises. And as an unexpected “bonus,” i no longer need to take Viagra Ayla, you rock!

Richard O.

Yahoo! Local

Foot Pain

I am a runner and was having a shooting pain in the bottom of my foot. I went to a podiatrist / sports medicine doctor and he diagnosed me with a neuroma. He told me to rest the foot and injected me with a cortisone shot. I went back 2 weeks later, without feeling any improvement and gave me another cortisone shot. I felt like he was not really doing anything but masking the problem by giving me these shots. I wanted to try to find a solution. Something that would shrink the neuroma and get me back on my feet.

A friend of mine, also a runner, suggested since i had a nerve problem why not try acupuncture. I did a little research online and decided to try Ayla. It was one of the best phone calls I ever made. I had confidence in her from the moment I met her. She’s so kind and she really cares about making you feel better. She wants to solve the problem, not just mask it.

During our initial visit, I also told her I had gastrointestinal issues which she said she could also treat. I am on my 4th week of acupuncture and am feeling tremendous relief in both my foot and stomach. The pain has subsided in my foot and I am confident I’ll be back in my running shoes soon! I was on prescription medicines for my stomach and used to eat 10 TUMs a day. I am off the prescriptions and down to just 2 – 3 TUMs a week.

The best part is, I look forward to my treatments and seeing Ayla. She truly is a wonderful person. I’m an Ayla believer!!