“To Treat the Child, Treat the Mother”
— Statement of fact in Chinese Medicine

This is a crucial time in the health of your whole family and you are the foundation of your family’s well being. That’s why Chinese medical wisdom says; “in order to treat the child, treat the mother.”

There are few things as exciting as the birth of a brand new baby. In the excitement, it is easy to forget that you, as a new mom, have just undergone a tremendous physical ordeal and need some caring for yourself. I can’t tell you how many times women come into my office after their first year of motherhood and explain how they’ve been getting sick more frequently, feel exhausted, and have been living on goldfish crackers. When I ask them why it took a year to seek help, they almost always point to the time constraints of mother hood and in particular, the strain of working full time while ALSO being a mom.

My treatment goals during this period are to address immediate concerns such as prolonged bleeding, post partum fever, fatigue, lack of appetite, etc., while also helping to fuel the process of systemic and positive change, health, and longevity for the entire family. Because everything is so new and different during this period, it is the perfect time to begin sowing the seeds of positive change by forming healthy habits for yourself and the ones who depend on you.

Post partum conditions that I treat with acupuncture:

  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Mastitis
  • Insufficient lactation
  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Sweating and Night sweats
  • Urinary difficulty
  • Depression
  • Promote healing from incisions or stitches

How acupuncture treats post partum depression

No one ever thinks that they will suffer from post partum depression but sadly this is a common post partum condition. Approximately 30% of women will experience acute post-partum depression that normally only lasts 36 to 48 hours. 10-20% of women will experience serious depression, which may interfere with bonding with the baby.  Still more women simply feel sad during the first few months after their baby is born. You don’t need to feel ashamed or hopeless if you feel sad after the birth of your baby. Acupuncture can help. Generally, this sadness is caused by the extreme exertion and loss of blood that occurs during labor. Sometimes, blood can also stop moving smoothly, especially if you have had a difficult or surgical labor & delivery.

Acupuncture can be extraordinarily effective in treating depression both during pregnancy and after.