If you suffer from polyps, you are likely suffering with very painful, irregular periods, bleeding between periods, and possibly even fertility issues. Polyps can cause hormonal imbalances and can often lead to miscarriage.

Birth control pills, the primary Western treatments for polyps, inhibit estrogen production, but they do not cure the condition and are only effective while in use. The pill also obviously inhibits conception and poses a problem for fertility. In extreme cases, your doctor may recommend surgery, which will remove the polyps but cannot prevent their recurrence.

How Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture regulates and normalizes hormone function, so your body can naturally heal itself. It also decreases — and can even reverse — polyp growth along the uterine walls and cervix. If you have already had surgery to remove your polyps, acupuncture and herbs can help prevent their recurrence so that you will be able to conceive naturally.

As with all acupuncture and Chinese herb treatments, our work with polyps is completely non-invasive. Rather than working from the outside in (and requiring uncomfortable examinations), Chinese medicine works by promoting healing from the inside out.