Meet Ayla

aylaPicAyla Yavin, L.Ac., MSI discovered Acupuncture during her career as a professional dancer when she began treatments for an injury incurred during a performance. Not only did Ayla make a complete recovery, she experienced the side effects of acupuncture treatment – a steady mind, a healthy body, and a better quality of life.

She was inspired by the power of Chinese Medicine and its ability to transform injury and pain into opportunities for positive change.

When Ayla returned to dance, she was a stronger performer than she ever had been. While continuing to dance professionally, Ayla began to study Chinese medicine and eventually decided to devote herself to its practice full time.

Ayla Yavin is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Ayla earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Swarthmore College. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Touro College’s Graduate Program in Oriental Medicine (GPOM) where she trained in Chinese Medicine while also earning a Master’s degree in Western Health Science. She completed a two-year internship at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, training in the Labor & Delivery, Oncology and Orthopedic Rehabilitation units. She also completed a two-year clinical internship focusing on internal medicine, women’s health, infertility, and orthopedic medicine. Ayla is trained as a Birth Doula, and has over a decade of experience as a yoga instructor.