Introducing Cherrie Laygo DAOM LAC


I am thrilled to introduce Cherrie Laygo DAOM LAC to our Acupuncture practice.  I have had the pleasure of working with Cherrie over the course of the last several months and I know you will greatly benefit from her competence and caring. Cherrie will be providing uninterrupted care while I am on … [Read more...]

New Website and a New Summer Promotion!


Acupuncture in Manhattan is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! We have been hard at work making it easier to schedule appointments, ask personal health questions, and tell friends about us through Facebook and Twitter. Please check out the new site and tell us what you think and … [Read more...]

Summer Newsletter

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We are finally in the full swing of summer and I was blessed to spend last week in a cottage by the Great Peconic Bay. With no AC or indoor shower it became clear just how far our routine has strayed from the rhythms of our natural environment. I saw this contrast most in my two year old. In the … [Read more...]

Getting Healthy. Do You “Know How?”

During this time of year I am always amazed how nature knows just what to do and how to be. How is it that the daffodils come just before the final snowfall every year? How do the cherry blossoms become themselves on cue? How does the world "know how" to become itself over and over year after … [Read more...]

Butter IS Good for You!

Nutritionists outside the maistream have know this for a while. Now maistream media is coming around too. Traditional fats - butter, lard, coconut oil are actually GOOD for you! That's right. Once shunned, coconut oil can actually improve your good/bad cholesterol ratio, butter contains essential … [Read more...]

Yoga Therapy For New Mothers

I am excited to introduce you to a practitioner who's work is truly transformative. Weene practices Pheonix Rising Yoga Therapy which combines yoga asana with meditation and psychotherapy. Her work unlocks the key to union of mind, body, and spirit. She is conducting a workshop with an emphasis on … [Read more...]

New Hours for a New Year

In honor of the Chinese year of the Snake - I am bringing back office hours every Thursday beginning this February. I hope this helps those of you who've had trouble coming in to see me. For those of you who look forward to my Chinese New Year newsletters, don't worry, this isn't it. More on the … [Read more...]

Stay Flu-free with Medicine Already in Your Cupboard

How Viruses Work: Why We Get Sick The Three Factors at Play in the Spread of a Virus: 1) Virulence, the strength of the bug Some viruses are so strong that virtually no immune system can resist them. The flu is NOT such a bug. In fact, it is well known that people with compromised immunity are … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives

Ina May Gaskin is one of my heroes. She has long been considered the foremother of modern midwifery. She has delivered thousands of babies and has spent her life advocating for normal birth. She is the real deal which is why I am so excited to see this movie about her life and work. It is showing at … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving


This year I am thankful for: a dry roof over my head heat and hot water (finally!) family and friends my little chicken (I know she isn't a turkey but figured you'd forgive me) all of you! To show my thanks Ayla Yavin Acupuncture will be donating 15% of all earnings through December … [Read more...]