Letter of Recommendation: Acupuncture


I had to share this beautiful essay describing one woman's first experience with Acupuncture. … [Read more...]

Health Tips for Body, Home, and Heart, this Fall

  The lungs are front and center this season. Fall      allergies are at their height, flu season is  looming,  and everyone is thinking about  building  their  immune system and respiratory  health. But  as with  all things Chinese medicine,  strengthening the  physical lungs is just the starting … [Read more...]

How Healthy Is Your Health Food?


Most people want to eat healthy food and feel good. However, decades of misinformation have left most people clueless about what it means to eat well. Below is a list of foods commonly considered healthy that aren't. These foods actually work against your best efforts to lose weight, manage stress, … [Read more...]

What kind of mom do you want to be?


I have the honor of working with many pregnant women as they prepare for birth. I have come to view this betwixt and between time with awe. Through this work I noticed that the way our culture talks about pregnancy and birth causes women to doubt themselves on a very deep level. I am continually … [Read more...]

Let Acupuncture Stoke Your Heart Fire this Valentine’s Day


Has your heart been trounced by the relentless snow? Let Acupuncture open your heart and stoke the fire. Until February 15, book one heart opening acupuncture treatment for yourself, and receive one complementary acupuncture treatment to gift to someone you love. When booking, make sure to … [Read more...]

Connect with your partner through yoga this Valentine’s Day.


This Valentine's Day Mind Body Fitness NYC is offering Couples Yoga – 20% OFF. They come to you! All levels welcome. Visit for more info. Offer expires February 15th 2014. … [Read more...]

“Xin Nian Kuai Le” Happy Year of the Horse!

BESTPIX China Celebrate The Lunar New Year Of The Horse

This Horse year has already shown us it's force, first temping us with balmy weather and promises of spring, then pommeling us with an endless onslaught of snow. This is a year of rapid and extreme fluctuations, bold progress, and adventure. It is an excellent year for travel and decisive action. … [Read more...]

Not Too Late! New Years Resolutions You Will Love


If you are anything like me, you have already backed out of at least one new years resolution. This is probably because, like me, your resolutions were lofty and abstract goals like "get in great shape," or "find a better life work balance." These are great ideas but without a concrete plan of … [Read more...]

The Acupuncturist Is In!

Beginning this January, Ayla Yavin Acupuncture will have available appointments FIVE DAYS A WEEK! I will be returning to my full schedule on January 3, and seeing patients on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cherrie Laygo will be available on Monday and Friday. If you are ever wondering what days … [Read more...]

I am Returning From Maternity Leave on November 1st!

I will be in the office Fridays from noon till 5pm Cherrie Laygo will continue to see patients during all other office hours. Please call the office to schedule your appointment at 212-675-9355 I look forward to seeing you soon!   … [Read more...]