How Healthy Is Your Health Food?


Most people want to eat healthy food and feel good. However, decades of misinformation have left most people clueless about what it means to eat well. Below is a list of foods commonly considered healthy that aren’t. These foods actually work against your best efforts to lose weight, manage stress, optimize your energy, and feel your best.

1) Vegetable oils 

Vegetable oils – these include canola, soybean, corn, peanut, safflower and sunflower oil – are recent additions to the human diet and produce toxic oxidation products when heated. These oils become very unhealthy when used for deep frying which we see a lot now that restaurants are switching to trans-free oils. Also, clinical trials have shown that diets high in vegetable oils lead to significantly higher rates of cancer and gallstones, compared to diets higher in saturated fats.

Best options for cooking: butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil and, to a lesser extent, olive oil are all more stable at high heats and do not oxidize easily. And there’s no evidence to show that they cause heart disease.

2. Skim milk (and all fat free dairy), because you need the fat to digest the vitamins in milk.

Fat soluble vitamins A, D, K and E can only be absorbed when accompanied by fat.  Also, without the fat, calcium cannot be properly absorbed.

By the way, it is also harder for the body to absorb the vitamins in vegetables if eaten without fat so make sure to dress your salads with healthy amounts of full fat dressing, nuts, cheese, avocado, and protein. Not only will you feel better and think more clearly but you will also need fewer sugary snacks because you will feel less hungry throughout the day.

Eat whole milk and whole milk dairy products.

3. Low-fat foods in general

To compensate for the fact that fat free foods taste bad, food companies add “fat replacers” — which are almost always carbohydrate-based. That is why low-fat products like salad dressings, yogurts, cookies, and ice cream are almost always higher in carbohydrates and s